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ELAS Quintet

  • Flute: 
    Suna Hwang – 28 years, Korean
  • Oboe: 
    Daeun Kim - 27 years, Korean
  • Clarinet: 
    Jihyun Choi - 28 years, Korean
  • Horn: 
    Minju Kang - 27 years, Korean
  • Bassoon: 
    Sookyeon Kim - 27 years, Korean
Based in: 

ELAS quintet was formed in 2014, and the members are all alumni of Korea National University of Art. They have won 2ndplace in TNB chamber music competition and played at the opening ceremony of 2015 UNESCO International Arts Education Week.

Flutist Suna Hwang graduated from Korea National University of Art. Oboist Daeun Kim graduated from Musikhochschule in Dresden, Clarinetist Jihyun Choi is studying in Korea National University of Art for a master’s degree, as well as hornist Minju Kang. .‬ Bassoonist Sookyeon Kim graduated from Musikhochshcule in Saarbrücken with a master’s degree.

Performance (1st round): 
Monday, October 12, 2015 - 13:15 to 14:05
Competition year: