1 Participants age

The competition is open to string quartets and wind quintets of all nationalities. 

By the beginning of the competition (12th April 2023):

The combined ages of the string quartet must not exceed 120 years.
The combined ages of the wind quintet must not exceed 150 years.
The age of any individual ensemble member must not exceed 35 years.


2 Application

Application is open on from the 1st October 2022 and applications must be received by 22nd November, 2022.
Registration is definitive only when the online form is duly filled in. The following is required in the online formular:

  1. Application fee of €100 paid by credit card during the online application procedure. The application fee is non-refundable.
  2. High res photo of the ensemble.
  3. Proof of age (identity card/passport of all members of the ensemble).
  4. Short biography of the ensemble (career, education, principal teachers, 100-150 words in English).
  5. An unedited video-recording with the ensemble (of at least 8 min.) Link to youtube or vimeo in the online application. Free repertoire choice.



3 Application response

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application medio December 2022.
Max. 20 ensembles will be selected by the pre jury.
The pre jury’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.


4 Rounds

The competition has three rounds plus one preliminary round consisting of online video screening.
All three rounds are open to the public.
A maximum of 6 ensembles in each category will be admitted to the second round.
A maximum of 3 ensembles in each category will be admitted to the final round.


6 Media rights

All competition rounds may be:

  1. Recorded, broadcast and streamed or made available for podcast
  2. Photographed
  3. Published on Social Media channels and on a.o.

In these cases, competitors disclaim all rights and fees.


7 Jury

The jury and pre jury consist of prominent musicians who have solid experience performing in a string quartet or wind quintet.


8 Prize reservations

The jury reserves the right:
A) to not award one or more prizes
B) to divide a prize between two competitors.
The jury’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.


9 Travelling expenses

Travelling and hotel expenses must be borne by the ensembles.


10 Disclaimer

These rules were originally written in Danish. Any point of dispute will be settled within accordance with the Danish version of the rules. Subject to changes. errors and omissions excepted.