Quatuor Arod

Quatuor Arod


Established in 2013, Quatuor Arod won the 1st prize of the FNAPEC European Contest and the ProQuartet-CEMC Special Price in February 2014.

The fruit of an encounter between four musicians from the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris, sharing the same passion for chamber music, Quatuor Arod benefited from Jean Sulem’s teaching (Rosamunde Quartet). At the invitation of Quatuor Artemis, they entered their classroom at the Chapelle Musicale de la Reine Elisabeth in Brussels in 2014. They are also working with great musicians including Quatuor Debussy, Quatuor Ebène, Quatuor Diotima, François Salque, Jérôme Pernoo as well as the Tokyo Quartet.

Quatuor Arod performs in many festivals: Les Vacances de M. Haydn, The Mélusicales, Music at Versailles, Novembre musical in Bonne, Les Cordes en Ballade, the International Festival of Pontlevoy, Debussy Festival, Festival de Pentecôte en Berry, Festival les Inouïes, Franco-American Encounters in Missilac, to mention a few. They are invited to perform alongside artists such as clarinetists Michel and Romain Guyot Lethiec, pianists Claire Desert and François Chaplin and Quatuor Debussy.

Also present on the airwaves, Quatuor Arod could be heard on France Musique in Dominique Boutel’s programme "La Matinale du Samedi ", Lionel Esparza’s " Le Magazine des Festivals " as well as Vincent Josse and Nicolas Lafitte’s " La Matinale Culturelle ".

From January 2015 onwards, Quatuor Arod is in residence at the Singer-Polignac Foundation.